Canine Conditioning

2017-01-29_12.55.24.jpgClass schedule: Class will meet for one hour each week for six week. You may re-enroll after that time if you wish
What does this cost? $160 per six week session

How do I sign up? Email us at

Who’s the Class Instructor? Geri Hernandez. Geri is an experienced dog trainer and also a Certified FitPaw instructor.

Canine Conditioning has many benefits for all dogs, both family pets and top-level competition dogs. The exercises in this class are a great way to build your dogs confidence and improve your bond with your dog. Competition dogs will benefit from the added strength these exercises will build, and family pets will benefit by having a place to place their extra energy. “A tired dog is a happy and non-destructive dog”.

Our Canine Conditioning class will help you accomplish all of this, while also having other important physical benefits for your dog. What’s this class all about? Canine Conditioning will teach your dog to move from its core while actively stretching and strengthening its muscles by using various balance training tools including balls and balance discs. What will you and your dog be doing in class? Your dog will work with Fit Paws equipment at different stations. Geri will take your dog from warm ups to stretches, and from strengthening to balance, all while working on various pieces of equipment at different stations. You will be asked to assist your pup and you will learn how to use this equipment yourself. The class will reinforce positive training while exercising and building stronger bodies.

We’ve got to tell you the numerous benefits of this class for your dog:
– Canine conditioning for short periods of time as early as eight weeks is beneficial for confidence building and strength building. Soft surface of Fit Paws is safe and beneficial to the growth plates and skeletal system.
– Dogs gain balance and body awareness
– Positive training basics are introduced/reinforced
– Strengthens dogs entire body including the all important core
– It’s reinforcing for nervous dogs to get used to unstable surfaces, thus this can help dogs overcome motion sickness when riding in cars
– You can’t get this type of core strength from walking, jogging, swimming; its all about unstable surfaces.

And there are benefits of this class for you:
– Learn skills you can use at home with your dog
– Have fun with your dog and enhance your relationship
– Give your dog new positive experiences and confidence so that you have a happier dog to share life with!

Equipment: We will have equipment for you to use during class, but to really see results we expect that you will want to purchase your own equipment and schedule regular practice sessions at home with your dog once you feel comfortable using it. We offer 10% off all Fit Paws Exercise Equipment after completion of a minimum of 6 classes. Classes are held for one hour each week.