Nose Work


k9-noseworks.pngChannel your dog’s keen sense of smell and love of sniffing into a productive and fun activity you can do together! K9 Nose Work is not an obedience-based activity. Instead, it works with your dog’s natural instinct to track scents. This activity is fun for any dog! From 8 weeks old to the senior years, all dogs can participate! Scent work is excellent for increasing confidence for shy dogs and building your relationship with your dog. It is also a mentally taxing activity, so it is a great way to tire out your active dog! Dogs search individually, so this class is also suitable for dogs that tend to be uncomfortable around other dogs. In order to accommodate the needs of multiple dogs, dogs not searching will need to remain in their crate between searches.
Classes are on-going.Contact Geri today to get started!
Each 6 week session is $160.