Park on the mulch area, past the concrete and past both the house and the training building. Once you park, do not walk back up the driveway towards the house. It is a residence and will upset the resident dogs.

Please keep dogs on leash while walking around. Don’t let your dog go up to fences that contain dogs, this could encourage misbehavior.
No dogs may use any man-made items (fences, poles) as potty areas.
Grass and mulch are not a bathroom area, you must water down any accidents. Please use designated potty area and pick-up after your dog.
Thank you for keeping the area nice for everyone.

Some crates are be provided under cover but not guaranteed. Dogs must be crated or contained while waiting their turn. There are hoses and tub for dogs. Barking kept to minimum please.

If the brown wrought iron double gate in front is closed when you arrive, please wait on Yorba Avenue (do not park in driveway to wait) until someone comes and opens the gate.